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No Bitchin in My Kitchen Glass Cutting Board

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 No Bitchin’ in my kitchen Glass Cutting Board


This is the perfect small cutting board to bring out for a single dish to cut, or to chop up a small amount of veggies or fruit. Party of 1? Need a small cheese tray? This is perfection 👌🏼... small, compact, funny, and modern.

👉🏼Product Dimensions 9.75” x 6” inches
( please note this is NOT a full size cutting board but a mini quick use cutting board great for cocktails garnishes or single servings)

Image is hand etched with a special cream. This technique leaves the glass with a smooth frosted image (not rough feeling like machines).

Image is completely permanent, although we recommend hand washing due to the legs that are attached.

* Made from premium impact-resistant tempered glass of crystal clear optical clarity and durability. Both highly functional and beautiful, it will be the perfect addition to your home and kitchen
* NON SLIP, ULTRA SANITARY CUTTING BOARDS: Because of the shatter-resistant glass design of these cutting boards, cleaning and sanitizing them is a breeze. Unlike wood, bamboo, or plastic, the non-porous properties of glass are more resistant to bacteria, stains, odors, and are able to better resist cross-contamination from raw meats or poultry
* DURABLE AND SHATTER RESISTANT: The tempered glass is specifically engineered to resist cracking and shattering. The added rubber feet on the bottom ensure it will not slide around. Looks beautiful and stays beautiful for years to come
* BEAUTIFUL AND MODERN: As a space saver, it protects counter and other surfaces from heat, condensation, and scratches. The clear glass allows your countertop to shine through, great for that clean, minimalistic feel. They’re also perfect for customized etching to make a great wedding gift or birthday gift. Cooking and preparing food with these glass cutting boards couldn't be easier.

Product Dimensions 9.75” x 6” inches

Materials: etching.

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